The West Virginia arts are well represented in galleries and performance spaces throughout the New River region and the greater Beckley, WV area. Fairs, festivals and music concerts are common throughout the year. West Virginia artisans are renown for their painstaking detail and the incorporation of local materials and cultural influences.

Rediscovering West Virginia's Art and Artists

Early Art and Artists in West Virginia, by John A. Cuthbert, Ph.D., is a study of the visual-arts side of the state's cultural heritage from the 19th century through the mid-20th century. "Everything that has happened in American art through the years has also happened in West Virginia," says Patrick Conner, the director of the WVU Press. "This new book is important in helping West Virginia break down the myths about its culture and image." 


Early Art and Artists in West Virginia
John A. Cuthbert

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