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West Virginia's New River Gorge

Native American

Extensive evidence of the existance of settlements and monuments such as sacred circles, burial mounds, stone walls and other stone enclosures, and petroglyphs created or built by Native Americans and their ancestors exist in various locations throughout the New River Gorge plateau region. New River Gorge Weather
New River Gorge Weather
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Ancient Stone Fort - Big Beaver Creek

In about 1836, a so-called "ancient fort" was "discover" by Alfred Beckley, founder of Beckley, WV. The stone structure was located near Beckley, WV, in the present-day town of Blue Jay, along (Big) Beaver Creek.

Ancient Walls and Village near Mount Carbon

In the 1870's, in Fayette County, on a ridge on Armstrong Mountain were found an extensive prehistoric stone ruins whose walls were several miles long, and that enclosed a large area of more than 300 acres. In the valley below, along the Kanawha River, a village, with storage pits, and evidence of houses and palisades were discovered in the late-1960's. Evidence suggest the sites were occupied by the Hopewell and Native Americans between 500 and 1500 A.D.

Flint Quarry near Ansted

Near Ansted, in Fayette County, early white explorers found extensive evidence of the workings of an outcropping of the Kanawha Black Flint stratum by Native Americans.

Morris Battle Ground

A battle fought between early white settlers and Native Americans during the early settlement years, in Fayette County near the present-day community of Lookout, WV.

New River: River of Death

A very popular local legend claims "the Indians called New River the river of death", but this appears to be a corruption of an earlier reference that claimed the Shawnee called the river "Keninskeha," meaning "river of evil spirits."

Spy Rock

Spy Rock is located near Lookout, WV, off Route 60, the Midland Trail. This rock pillar was said to be called "the Rock of Eyes" by Native Americans, who used the vantage point to watch for approaching enemies or smoke from their camp fires.

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