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Thanks to its cool mountain climate and great natural beauty, southern West Virginia and the New River Gorge region have been havens for resort communities since the American Revolution. The Greenbrier, at White Sulphur Springs, first established as a resort in 1778, may be its oldest and best-known, but others were soon established. At White Sulphur, Red Sulphur, Salt Sulphur, and Sweet Sulphur, vacation cottages quickly sprang up around mineral springs (then widely believed to embody healing virtues.)

The arrival of railroads in the 1870s and modern highway systems in the mid-1900s only served to further the establishment of area resort communities. The Greenbrier and Glade Springs, near Beckley, continue to welcome guests and permanent residents to enjoy traditional venues, while the development of national park lands and new recreation opportunities, such as skiing and whitewater rafting, have led to the creation of "wilderness" and "adventure" resorts.
Sunlight streams through the Civil War era pavillion at Blue Sulphur Springs, remnant of one of the region's oldest resort communities.

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Tina Gibson specializes in homes and properties for residential and business investment in the mountainous regions of southern West Virginia -- near Union, Sutton, Lewisburg, Fayetteville, Summersville, Snowshoe Mountain, and White Sulphur Springs. Bluegrass farms, mountain retreats, vacation properties, and historical homes are among her specialties.

New River Gorge Preserve
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Gated privacy, spectacular scenery, and unrivalled proximity to Fayetteville are among the reasons homebuilders are investing in wooded residential sites in the New River Gorge Preserve. Overlooking the gorge and its world-renown bridge, and less than a mile from the Fayetteville National Historic District, residents are assured outstanding security as well as access to private park lands within the community and national park lands beyond.


News of note from West Virginia's New River Gorge region

Area's Real Estate Market Enjoying Upswing

Though commercial real estate may be suffering a downturn nationally, the market in the New River Gorge region and southern West Virginia is experiencing an upswing, according to a regional expert in commercial real estate development.

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