More than 75 miles of designated hiking trail exists within the territory of the New River Gorge National River and the Bluestone National Scenic River. More than a hundred more miles of trail wander through the region’s local and state parks, forests, and wildlife management areas.

Hiking Trails of the New River Gorge Region

Hiking is among the most popular forms of outdoor recreation in the New River Gorge region. Largely rural and mountainous, the New River Gorge region offers a seemingly endless variety of hiking trails, from rugged upland traces that climb its highest peaks to gentle lowland paths that follow its river bottoms. Regardless of your desire or ability, you'll discover at least one ideal hiking trail in the New River Gorge region.

Hiking Trails near Fayetteville and the New River Gorge Bridge

Hiking Trails near Thurmond, WV

Glade Creek Trails

Grandview Trails

Sandstone-Hinton Trails

New River Gorge Photos

Visit our photo gallery of popular vacation spots and discover picturesque places to go and exciting things to do in the New River Gorge region. Visit the towns of the New River Highlands and explore the ghost towns of the New River Gorge.

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