Hinton, WV

The county seat of Summers County, Hinton, WV was established in 1873, but was not chartered until 1897. Hinton was named for John (Jack) Hinton, prominent lawyer of Summers County and husband of Avis Gwinn Hinton, pioneer, who owned the land upon which the city of Hinton is located. Hinton, WV is the eastern terminus of the annual New River Train excursions that run each fall, during the expected peak of color-change in the New River Gorge

Historic Hinton

Prior to the arrival of the railroad, only six families lived in the area. In 1871, the C&O Railway bought the land, subdivided it, and began to lay out a new town. In 1872, Hinton was chosen as a major division point on the rail line. In 1874, Hinton became county seat of Summers County, which had been formed in 1871. The first courthouse building, built on land donated by the railroad, was completed in 1876, and occupied in 1877.

By 1907, the town's population had grown to about 6,000. In the mid-1950s, the transtition from steam to diesel-electric locomotives occurred resulting in the layoff of hundreds of railroad workers in Hinton. Mergers with other railroads during the 1970-80s reduced the railroad's need for maintaining the two rail yards (and the supportive repair facilities) in Hinton.

Hinton Historic District
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Hinton Railroad Museum and Visitors Center
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Hinton Depot


Bluestone Lake


Fairs and festivals attract thousands of visitors to the Hinton area year round.

Hinton Railroad Days
An annual event held in Hinton during two weekends in October celebrating the communitity's railroad heritge. Railroad Days coincides with the New River Train excursions, which typically brings about 5,000 visitors to the festival each year.

John Henry Days
A weekend festival held each July at Talcott, WV, at the east portal of Big Bend Tunnel, commemorating the legend of John Henry, the winner of an epic contest against a steam-powered drill, immortalized in the American folk song, "The Ballad of John Henry".

West Virginia Water Festival
An event held annually in July, which typically includes parties, pageants, parades, fireworks, and various contests.
Railroad Days

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