Ghost Towns
of the New River Gorge

During the Industrial Period, more than fifty mining towns sprang up in the virtual wilderness of New River Gorge. Thousands of persons once lived in the towns of the gorge during the time when the New River Coalfield began to boom following the completion of the railroad line through the New River Gorge in 1873. Today almost all the old coal mining towns are ghost towns, gradually being reclaimed by the forces of nature.

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List of the Ghost Towns and Surviving Towns in the New River GorgeThe following articles provide detailed information for each coal camp, along with historic photos and maps of towns in the New River Gorge.

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Visit our photo gallery of popular vacation spots, picturesque places to go, and exciting things to do in the New River Gorge region. Discover the towns of the New River Highlands and explore the ghost towns of the New River Gorge. Meet the famous people who've influenced the area. Examine the area's rich industrial heritage and revisit a time when the railroads, coal mines and company stores blanketed the coal fields of Southern West Virginia.

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